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How To Brew (Any Given) Oolong Tea | Floating Leaves FAQ

Our first video in the FAQ series is up on YouTube! This one is meant to answer the MOST ASKED question that we get, 'how do I brew this tea that I just got from you?' 

The thing is, we don't like to give specific parameters. But in the shop, we can just show you roughly how much tea we use. Online, it's not so easy, which is why we decided to start publishing some basic videos. That way we can show you over long distance :)

The next video will be up in two weeks. We're planning on publishing these biweekly, and if I can stay on top of it they will also be published HERE biweekly ;)

If you have any questions that you would like to have answered, please reach out to us over email. It would really help us to come up with more content for this channel.