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Signature Confirmation

Just a quick little update :

We've found out we can send packages through Taiwan post with signature confirmation, so we've begun doing that. We've found it is safer and results in fewer stolen/lost packages. 

If you prefer to opt out of signature confirmation, you can do so on the cart page. Keep in mind we are not responsible for stolen/lost package once it’s marked delivered. 

DHL does require signature, but you can opt out through their system. We can't opt out for you. Once your package arrives in your country they will contact you with the option to opt out. In other words, the 'opt out' button on our cart page is for standard shipping only.

I know there are lots of changes right now. And I apologize for the confusion. We are trying to figure out what works. Adding on the pressure of the global pandemic, there are a lot of kinks to work out.

Thank you for bearing with us during this transition period. We deeply and sincerely appreciate your support!