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Update After The Sale (4/4/21)

So.... You may have noticed that the ENTIRE SITE is sold out. That's not really the case. The reason everything on the site is marked 'sold out' is because our inventory was a little wonky before the sale. And the sale went really big.

Most of the orders are being fulfilled exactly as they were placed, but some have needed to be refunded on a tea here and there because we just don't have the tea.

So in the interest of not overselling -- and being able to get all the orders that were placed during the sale out in a timely manner -- we've made the hard decision to stop taking orders until we can get things under control. This is the first time in our career selling tea that we've done this!

The bottom line is don't worry, there will be teas on the site again in a few days. And we're extremely grateful to everyone who placed orders during the sale! We've got a really good start for buying new inventory when I get to Taiwan!

In Gratitude,

Noah & Shiuwen

Floating Leaves Tea