Charcoal Dong Ding Four Roast

This tea is Charcoal Master Zhan's masterpiece. It is a higher grade of leaf from the original (three roast) Charcoal Dong Ding, and he is able to push it further with his roasting genius. Zhan is very skilled at listening to a tea, and figuring out exactly how much of a roast the tea can take. It's a very natural way of interacting with the tea.

The result is an extremely intense tea. The roast is strong, but certainly not overpowering. The broth is rich, robust and very warming with no ashieness. Very stimulating in the mouth and throat. With attentive tea brewing, like tea meditation, you can start to observe the stimulating feeling expand from the mouth and throat. The thing that really inspires us about this tea is that the broth's stimulation feeling and the cha qi (tea energy) are linked. The expansive feeling of the broth becomes circulating cha qi in the body.

This is a tea with very powerful and heavy broth. It can sink down to and warm up your belly easily. Even the bottom of the feet is no problem if you are open to it. This tea is unpredictable, much like the master who roasted it. It never shows up the same way twice and is difficult to nail down. Not difficult to brew well, but consistency is not easy to achieve when brewing this tea at home.

If you are interested in bringing your tea ritual to the realm of meditation, brewing this Dong Ding is an excellent practice. We have learned so much from drinking his tea, and still feel we have much to learn from it. We are very happy to be able to offer tea like this to the tea community.

Supply is limited.

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