Da Hong Pao


This is one of our few Chinese oolongs. It is sourced directly from a farmer in the Wuyi Mountain area. It is actually a mix of Shiu Xian and Rou Gui cultivar teas, and heavily roasted by the farmer. We sell it after it has had at least a year since the latest roasting to give it time to mellow out.


The Da Hong Pao is warming and heavy bodied. It is our biggest, boldest, roastiest oolong at this price point. There is a weighty, mineral mouthfeel and roasty, dark fruit fragrance. The throat feeling is obvious and warm feeling. This is a solid, cozy tea.


  • Harvest Location : Wuyishan, Fujian, China
  • Harvest Date : Spring, 2018
  • Farming Method : Conventional