Lo-Shan Hong Shui


This is a GABA Hongshui grown in Shi-Ding, where they traditionally produce Baozhong tea. This one is harvested from old tea bushes, which gives it depth, elegance and spirit. 

The tea maker and farmer is an oolong master craftsman. Every batch is so different; he has a way of working delicately and closely to the true nature of the tea to show off the distinct personality of the leaf each time. A light charcoal roast brings this tea beautifully into focus.

Deeply calming and relaxing tea for both the body and the mind.


The Sleeping Dragon. That's our nickname for this batch of Hong Shui. The flavor profile is pretty straightforward: Notes of caramel in the low end with dried fruit notes to round it out. Broth feels syrupy and smooth in the mouth with a dark sweetness. Clean and round, but it's not a terribly complex or showy flavor profile. The real power of this tea shows itself in the body feeling, and it IS a powerful one.

When you swallow this broth it unfolds, big and lush, into the throat and expanding beyond with a soothing warmth. It continues like a wave, filling the torso and extremities with a powerful energy. It feels like a heavy, warm blanket. Comforting. Gentle and enveloping.

A nourishing tea. The maker knows how to listen to the story of the season, and let the old trees speak.


  • Harvest Location : Shi-Ding, Xinbei, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : October 2021
  • Altitude : 700 Meters

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