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Golden Harvest Oolong

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A new take on Milk & Honey Oolong by our tea teacher Master Zhan. This tea received a slightly darker charcoal roast than the original Milk & Honey, so the characteristic Jin Xuan milky taste is not prevalent. The tea leads with a grain sweetness and aroma, along with a mature Fall honey mouthfeel. This tea reminds us of the easygoing and bountiful nature of Milk & Honey Oolong but with a more warming, Fall time feeling.

This tea is from the same organically grown bushes as our Milk & Honey Oolong in the South of Nantou County between Dong Ding and Shan Lin Xi. It is considered high elevation tea.

Golden tea broth is silky and warming in the mouth and throat, all the way down to the belly. Aroma is sweet with notes of lightly toasted grain and honey. The masterful and gentle roast accentuates the body of the tea broth and removes any hint of grassiness without overshadowing the tea's naturally sweet, easygoing aroma. Very clean and very comfortable in the body.


  • Harvest Location : Shan Lin Xi, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : May 2023
  • Cultivar : Jin Xuan
  • Farming : Unsprayed


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