Old School Baozhong



This Old School Baozhong is from the birthplace of Taiwanese Baozhong, Nangang. We have been looking for this tea for a while, and are very happy to have found one!

Currently, the more intensely aromatic Pinglin grown Baozhong fulfill public demand for fragrant tea. But the older generations of Taiwanese drinkers will tell you they prefer Nangang Baozhong. In contrast Nangang grown Baozhong is known for its mineral quality, the soil has a lot of limestone, and the broth is smoother and softer than it's Pinglin counterpart. Nangang farmers have been passing down skills for generations, and still tend to make teas that emphasize a round, smooth body. An older gentleman we share tea with in Taiwan told us that this is the only real Baozhong.

Nangang has slowly been swallowed up by ever expanding Taipei. So we feel lucky that we ran into this tea.

This tea is a light bodied, lightly oxidized oolong. Notes fall into the young fruit category. We recommend this tea if you prefer the less amplified notes and smoother finish of old world wines and chocolates.


Picked 2018 Spring ~ Harvested in Nangang,Taiwan ~ Qing Xin Cultiar ~ Conventional