2018 Spring Hehuan Shan High Mountain
$22.50 $30.00


This is a beautiful high mountain oolong with a very 'quiet' tea broth. Shiuwen says it is like "sitting on a boat in the middle of a still lake with no wind". It ended up being the favorite this season for both of us, although because it doesn't have as boldly fragrant of a profile it wasn't as popular as the other high mountain oolongs. So we are offering it at a discounted price.

We had the tea touched up (to get rid of moisture in the tea leaf), so it should stay fresh for a long time. 


  • Harvest Location : Hehuanshan, Hualien, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Spring, 2018
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional