Brewing Dong Ding Like A Local Live Tasting, 7/13

Brewing Dong Ding Like A Local - July 13th, 11:30a PT

Either Dong Ding Traditional A or Charcoal Dong Ding (including Four Roast) will work here. There is no sampler. I assume many of you already have these teas, but if you would like to purchase them please find the Charcoal here and Traditional here.

Link To Baozhong Tasting

Link To Jin Xuan Tasting


    Live Tasting

    We'll be going live on YouTube to taste these teas, links below.

    >>Link to Dong Ding Session<<

    >>Link to Baozhong Session<<

    >>Link to Jin Xuan Session<<

    Samplers are being sold and shipped so far ahead of time to improve the chances of a timely arrival.

    Although this tasting set will only be available for a limited time, you can bookmark this page to save the link to the live session.