fifty year aged beipu oolong

Herbal, Woody, Grounding

We feel this long aged tea is very calming and produces a grounding feeling in the body. Tea energy is clear and strong. Aged tea like this is traditionally drunk as a tonic, and when we drink it we can feel why. Drinking aged oolong of this caliber is very healing.

Exceptionally clear and focused aged oolong. Dry leaves have a raisin scent, and when wet it turns woody, herbal and medicinal. The soft, smooth soup coats the mouth and throat and lingers with a long, changing aftertaste. Salivation is slow and gentle and long lasting, as is the returning sweetness.

We found this tea in a friends warehouse in Taipei. He has been holding on to this tea for many years. Beipu is a rural township in Taiwan's Hsinchu county, nestled up against Miaoli county. Tea was produced for export in these counties, so there are lots of aged oolongs that hail from Hsinchu and Miaoli.

Harvested in Beipu, Hsinchu, Taiwan ~ 1966 ~ Aged in Beipu and Then Taipei. 

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