thirty year aged miaoli oolong


This is a thirty plus year old oolong from the Western county of Miaoli. The tea was made for export, hence machine harvested, so you will notice slightly chopped leaves. Miaoli and adjacent Beipu were producing a lot of oolong for export at the time, so it is a good source of aged oolong.


This particular tea has a distinct herbal note which tends to develop in oolongs of this age. Also characteristic of aged oolong, there is a sweet Chinese plum fragrance to the dry leaves. The tea broth is gentle and smooth, with a tart note. However, some times when we brew this tea the tart note is either muted or totally gone. We find that aged oolongs will often undergo this phenomenon. It has a calm, grounding overall character. Gentle teas like this are considered good to drink when the constitution is weak, like when you have a cold.


  • Harvest Location : Miaoli, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : 1980's
  • Cultivar : ???


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