Buddha Hand


Our friend in Taipei roasted this tea for us. We have been looking for a good Buddha Hand for some time, and are grateful to have found a good one! Buddha Hand is an interesting "old world" cultivar from Wuyi mountain area. First I thought it was named Buddha Hand because the leaves are so big! But I now believe it is named after the citrus fruit of the same name. It has an aroma of aged, dried citrus.


Wet leaves have a rich, sweet scent with a big fruity note. Roasted, caramelized feeling is prominent, but not blackened. Broth is smooth and full bodied; toasty, sweet and fruity. Tastes like dried Buddha Hand fruit. It's got citrus notes, but not high notes like High Mountain Oolong. A bit of an herbal feeling.

Aftertaste quickly becomes sweet and rests warming in the throat. Throat sensation is soft and round, lasting for long after the tea is swallowed.

I'm really happy to have this tea in our lineup! It's about as roasty as our Traditional Dong Ding, but the cultivar lends a very fruity taste, and the broth is much sweeter! Yum.


  • Harvest Date : November 2019
  • Harvest Location : Taiwan
  • Roast Date : February 2020
  • Cultivar : Buddha Hand

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