Ironbush Honey Oolong

We call this honey oolong "Ironbush". It was harvested from Tie Guanyin (Iron Goddess) bushes, which gives it a heavier base. And grown at high elevation on Alishan, it has a more refined quality. The result, when processed as a Honey Oolong (bug bitten like Oriental Beauty), is a rich broth with fruity and honey overtones. It is a sweet and savory tea, which can be brewed many many times.

We have had the best luck getting both the honey sweet side and the savory traditional tea side to show up by strong brewing. Lots of leaf in the pot, and long infusions give a hearty thick body with sweet yummy notes on the top end.

This is not your grandma's Honey Oolong. It is a masterfully crafted oolong with both a strong personality and a sweet smile.


Harvested in Alishan ~ Tie Guanyin Cultivar ~ Summer 2018 ~ Conventional