Light Roast Hehuan Shan

Toasty, Buttery, Tropical Fruit

Slightly toasty with a complex high mountain oolong bouquet, this tea was touched up by a friend in Taipei this April. The original harvest was 2016 Winter from Hehuan Shan, "happiness together mountain", adjacent to Lishan.

The character of the tea is similar to Lishan, buttery with lots of juicy high notes. The tea broth is very balanced, with nice solid low notes rounding out the fragrant aroma. Light roast high mountain oolong is great all year round tea, light enough for hot weather and still feels warming in the winter.

Harvested in Hehuan Shan ~ 2016 Winter Picking, 2018 Spring Roasting ~ Qing Xin Cultivar ~ Conventional