Smooth Water Baozhong


This Smooth Water Baozhong is from the birthplace of Taiwanese Baozhong, Nangang. Around the turn of the 20th century, Baozhong was produced as a flower scented export tea to South Asia and Northern China. The Taiwan Tea Reform Institute challenged farmers to create a Baozhong with the floral scent that drinkers were looking for, but naturally without adding any scenting. The two farmers who successfully produced that flavor were both growing tea in Nangang. Now, Nangang tea farmers are very proud of their tradition of producing excellent Baozhong.


The wet leaves have a sweet scent of leafy, fresh plants. I sometimes call it 'agricultural', but this time it more reminds me of freshly broken leaves of wild plants. This "leaves" note shows up in the taste of the broth.

Broth texture is viscous and creamy. Super creamy! Shiuwen said, if you are dairy free this is how you can experience dairy again. Very smooth, and has a fruity aftertaste. Texture is excellent on this tea; soft, smooth and full. If you are a texture drinker, or want to become one, drink this baozhong.



  • Harvest Location : Nangang, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Spring, 2019
  • Cultivar : Qingxin
  • Conventional

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