competition style baozhong

Baozhong as we know it was born of a friendly competition between tea farmers. The winner was to perfect creating a floral, fragrant oolong without adding any scenting materials. Baozhong is now one of Taiwan's five famous oolong teas. It is a floral and juicy open leaf style oolong with a brisk punch.

Our longtime friend and delightful tea farmer Mr Chen has been making this tea for us for more than a decade now. He grows the tea in his home in Pinglin, and does all the processing in house, start to finish. We love his personality and how it reflects in his easygoing tea!

This is a very pretty tea, floral and fragrant. Farmer Chen sends this tea to competitions to be judged against a set of stringent rules. Notes of a single flower are sought after in competition winning teas, in this case we feel it's gardenia.

Farmer's Choice is a more robust style of Baozhong, the kind of tea Mr Chen and his family prefer to drink at home.

This is a great summertime tea, it is cooling and refreshing. Also makes excellent cold brew on a hot day.

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