2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw)
2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw) 2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw)

We love tea from Da Xue Shan, Mengku. This one exhibits a sweet alfalfa aroma in the wet leaves, and the broth spreads out really well on the palate. It is made from material from 100 year old trees. In Yunnan, these are just old enough to be consider 'tea trees' instead of 'tea bushes'.

When we first got this tea in 2013 it had a lot of strength and a certain coarseness. Age has mellowed it out, and the broth is now very pleasantly smooth. We haven't raised the price since we started carrying it, although the price in Taiwan goes up yearly (and sometimes quarterly). For a very good quality daily puer from medium-old tea trees, it's really worth it to pick up a cake. At the time of writing this, we have three cakes left. If we do get more, the price will be more expensive.

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