white silver needles


We work with a farmer in Zhenghe to source this buddy white tea. Zhenghe is about 30 minutes drive from Fuding. They produce a tea with similar but slightly different character from true Fuding silver needles, but the tea is grown with integrity and represents a better value for the money.

True Fuding white tea is become so popular in mainland China that the price has become inflated. We work with this farm because our aim is to provide a solid tea at a reasonable price, not get rich off a tea with a big name.


White tea made purely from young tea buds. The broth is gentle, soft and silky. The aroma is refreshing with notes of melon and sugar peas. The leaves dance beautifully when immersed in hot water, which is especially suited to glass teaware.


  • Harvest Location : Zhenghe, Fujian, China
  • Harvest Date : Spring 2018