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Taiwan Da Hong Pao

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YES! It's Taiwanese grown Da Hong Pao!

This farmer received cuttings from plants in Wu Yi Shan which he was told were used to make 'true bush' Da Hong Pao. From the mother bushes? Probably not, but likely from some direct descendant. He claims he is the only farmer in Taiwan with Da Hong Pao cultivar cuttings. Because he is from Dong Ding, he uses traditional Dong Ding processing techniques to oxidize and roll the tea, but uses a heavy charcoal roast to recall the taste we think of as Da Hong Pao. The result is a bold, unique mashup of Dong Ding and Da Hong Pao. We've been resting this tea for a year, as the initial roast was quite strong. It is now ready to drink!

Leaves are darkly roasted, but without the oily sheen of over-roasted tea. When the dry leaves are warmed in hot porcelain they give off a savory, toasty aroma. Broth is golden to amber-brown, and from the first brew it feels full bodied with fruity and mineral notes. The body is much like a traditional style Dong Ding. The aroma however has a completely unique makeup, with Dong Ding terroir but the complex heady aroma of cliff tea; stone fruit plays the leading role along with a mineral fragrance that is not unlike that of the Shui Xian cultivar. In later infusions the aromatic roast yields to a comforting, cushy oolong mouthfeel that brews for many infusions.

Well preserved by a heavy roast, we predict this tea has a long future ahead of it, i.e. suitable for long term storage.


  • Harvest Location : Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : September 2022
  • Farming Method : Conventional


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