Furry Crab


This is a Yunnan grown oolong tea. It is made by a Taiwanese farmer who cultivates a high elevation tea garden in Wuliang Shan. It has the sweet, aromatic intensity of high mountain Taiwanese tea, along with the sturdy, rooted energy of puer. This one was finished by our teacher in Taiwan using light charcoal fire to focus and align the aroma and body of the tea.

We’ve actually carried this EXACT harvest of Furry Crab before, but it’s now been roasted an additional two times. The flavor has not picked up strong toasty flavors, but the additional roasts have continuously realigned this tea, which shows a more mature presentation.


The aroma of dry leaves in a hot gaiwan starts off with notes of sweet fresh bread, and in the first infusions opens into a complex bouquet of tropical fruits and herbaceous rainforest.

This tea has been continuously refined by our teacher, receiving three light roasts spaced out over more than two years. The result is an elegant oolong with extremely well defined structure. While the aroma maintains the characteristic tropical fruit (reminiscent of Laughing Buddha and previous batches of Furry Crab) this one has developed notes of vanilla, spices, and fragrant wood with age.

Mouthfeel has a filling texture like silky, fluffy clouds, reaching every corner of the mouth, and at the same time has a poignant structure that feels juicy with the classic Tie Guanyin bite. Flowingly poetic with an athletic precision.


  • Harvest Location : Wuliang Shan, Yunnan, China
  • Harvest Date : November, 2019
  • Final Roasting Date : January, 2022
  • Farming : Unsprayed
  • Cultivar : Furry Crab 毛蟹