Yefang 'Wild' Charcoal Oolong


Wild, or 'Yefang' means that the tea trees were planted some time ago and left to fend for themselves. Most of the best 'body high' Taiwanese teas that we've had are wild grown. This one is charcoal roasted by our teacher Mr. Lai.

Compared with the Anxi TGY by Mr. Lai, this Qing Xin Oolong is the same in the sense that it's extremely clean. The feeling is quite different, however. It's a 'louder' tea, coarse and happy, like a fat faced farmer clomping around the mountains in flip flops. It has a similar feeling to a charcoal roasted Dong Ding, but it's more lighthearted. 

This tea is a touch more nuanced than our Charcoal Dong Ding, and you can start to feel a presence in the body that reaches further and lights up more places. And it's Mr. Lai's tea; it reflects his personality. It goes along, point by point, clearly developing it's well defined structure from start to finish. Because of that I feel like it's a fantastic tea to make a study of to deepen your tea practice and start to notice more of what tea can offer. We're excited to have another deep teacher tea on our menu!


The aroma of the wet leaves is nutty and toasty, penetrating the nostrils with a big, billowing texture. Broth tastes fruity, spicy and roasty, and hits the tongue with a very natural focus. It spreads quickly and vigorously across the tongue and the rest of the mouth, puffing up to the roof and leaving behind a mineral like salivating aftertaste.

The broth lights up the throat with a similar billowing texture. It feels warm, and reverberates outward in a way we simply call 'throat expansion'. A more poetic image might be a bullfrog.

The broth easily makes its way to the stomach where it rests comfortably. The 'line' from nose to throat to stomach shows up plainly and consistently. Then the broth permeates the body with a warm, buzzy feeling, from the face, to the throat and shoulders, and down to the abdomen. 

This is like the cruder cousin to Mr. Lai's Yunnan Oolong. If you missed that tea, it is a  meticulously beautiful oolong that is almost perfect. This one is not perfect, it punches with a blunt force, but it DOES hit all the points very solidly. This tea is a lot of fun to drink, and extremely valuable as a teacher.


  • Cultivar - Qing Xin Oolong
  • Farming Method - Natural (Yefang/wild)

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