Lo-Shan Hong Shui
Lo-Shan Hong Shui Lo-Shan Hong Shui


This is a GABA Hongshui grown in Shi-Ding, where they traditionally grown Baozhong tea. This one is harvested from old tea bushes, which gives it depth, elegance and spirit. 

The tea maker/farmer is an oolong master craftsman. Every batch is so different; he has a way of working delicately and closely to the true nature of the tea to show off the distinct personality of the leaf each time. A light charcoal roast brings this tea beautifully into focus.

This may be the most deeply calming and relaxing tea that we know of, for both the body and the mind.


The surface of the hot broth gives off a deep, penetrating aroma with notes of various dried fruits and herbs, a scent that initially presents as quiet then slowly reveals layers underneath. As the tea develops, the broth relaxes into itself, and the notes deepen to a full bodied rich texture. Notes of chocolate, dried orange peel and moist earth from the forest.

Broth is puffy and light in the mouth with a gentle weight that pushes easily down into the throat, torso and extremities. Like a wave, soothing the body with a velvety buzz.

An elegant, soothing tea. The maker knows how to listen, and let the old trees speak.


  • Harvest Location : Shi-Ding, Xinbei, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : March 2021
  • Altitude : 700 Meters

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