Secret Garden Alishan High Mountain 2022 Winter


Grown without agrochemicals at ~1400 meters in Shizuo, Alishan. This tea is a product of caringly sustainable agriculture and meticulous craftsmanship. For this lineup of tea, we are looking for a deeply layered, delicate and floral tea. It gets the name Secret Garden because it brings us to a secluded enclave filled with flowers and herbs.


Broth shows a golden-jade color. Notes of cream and flowers. Broth is multi-layered, with a creamy foundation, bright aromatic aftertaste that fills the mouth, and enough soft power to expand into the throat and beyond.

Very soft, very pretty, very clean tea. A refined example of classical Alishan.


  • Harvest Location : Shizuo, Alishan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : November, 2022
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Unsprayed
  • Altitude : 1400 Meters

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