In Taiwan Sourcing Tea...

We are in Taiwan! From 8/19 until we return on 8/30 packages will be sent out on a once a week schedule, probably either Monday or Friday (i.e. not necessarily within two business days as usual). Big thanks to Sara for taking care of shipping while we are gone. Thanks for your understanding, and wish us luck in finding lots of special goodies while we are here!

-Shiuwen and Noah


5/27 Five Faces of Charcoal Dong Ding

Shiuwen and Noah drink a newly roasted Charcoal Dong Ding. As the tea develops, each infusion has something new to show us. This tea is a great teacher!

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5/20 "Deliciously Bitter and Delightfully Dry" : Charcoal Da Hong Pao

Introducing Chef Lee! Shiuwen and Noah drink Taiwanese Charcoal roasted Da Hong Pao with our friend and local gastronome in training Chef Lee.

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Buddha Hand with the Bubbly Couple

Episode two! Shiuwen shares a two year old roasted oolong, made from the Budda Hand cultivar with our friends Mandy and Adrian, nicknamed the "Bubbly Couple". By the end everybody is tea drunk, as we contemplate the origins of Buddha's Hands...

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Watch the video
Watch the video

Bound Together : A Dong Ding Oolong Documentary