Tea classes and workshops are the most direct way for us to share the love for tea and wisdom we inherited from our teachers in Taiwan. Hands on experience is very important for us. Our classes on tea are based on experimentation and listening to your senses. We will guide you to the best of our ability to identify a better tea, and learn why we are so crazy about certain teas. Classes and workshops are listed on our calendar page. If you want to schedule a private class, please email us. Prices starting at $80 for one to four participants.

Tea Tasting

Tea tastings are designed to help you find out what you like before you make a purchase. For more guided experiences, please check out our tea classes and workshops!

Tea tastings are available on a first come first serve basis Friday 3 to 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday all day. Please check the events schedule to make sure the time you want to come does not conflict with any classes or workshops.

People traveling from out of state : We understand your schedule might not permit you to make it to these times. We want you to have a chance to try teas in the shop, too, so please let us know if you are from out of state and we can make exceptions. Or send an email to tea@floatingleaves.com to book an appointment.