We are hosting live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with all of you!

These sessions are our best attempt to bring you into our shop even though we can't actually bring you into our shop. The podcast is more personal, and the new 'virtual classes' offer a more focused experience, but when we broadcast live we get to hear from you guys in real time! 

These live sessions are designed with the intention to teach something. We don't want to waste your time; we want to you to be able to take away something useful from every session. 

To learn something tangible about tea, we think you need to be able to tangibly taste the tea. So there will almost always be a sampler paired with the session that you can buy in advance. That we can share the same tea at the same time! It gives us more to talk about.

Chinese New Year Celebration!

We will be broadcasting a live Dong Ding tasting (sampler here) and talking about some Chinese New Year traditions on February 11th! This will be our last Live Session for the time being, as we are pivoting our focus to work on some short teaching videos on YouTube. We want to celebrate the coming year of the Ox, as well as celebrate the wonderful online community of tea people who have supported us in the last year! Our gift to you is that the sampler is 50% cheaper than it would usually be, and includes a Four Roast extra special Charcoal Dong Ding!

The session will be on Thursday, at 11:30am PST, and last for approximately one hour. The recording will remain online on both Facebook and Instagram after the session if you missed it, or if you want to go back and re-watch anything.

We look forward to drinking tea with you in cyberspace! 

Shiuwen & Noah