We are hosting more live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with all of you!


We've found our tea practice has been extremely grounding and helpful. So we want to share what we're doing, and also just connect with tea drinkers who are stuck at home!

The Floating Leaves Podcast is in the midst of a series of episodes that focus on the small details of structure and texture that helps bring our minds deep into the tea. We decided to follow the schedule of these podcast episodes, "Fundamentals Structures of Tea", in our Live Tea Sessions so that we can join together in mindfulness and tea drinking.

We will not be publishing a sampler AS A SEPARATE PRODUCT for the May sessions. However, if you follow this link they will all all be added to your cart. Alternatively, you can follow the links below and choose only the teas you wish to purchase.

We also started a Facebook Group to connect our tea community and keep questions/discussion in a centralized location. The group is called Floating Leaves Tea Club, and you can find it through this link.

Schedule (for Google Calendar follow link)

> Fundamental Structures of Tea


> Gong Fu Cha Brewing Technique

  • April 2nd (Brewing Vessels)
    • Prepare a cup or small bowl, a gaiwan, and a teapot (preferably unglazed clay) if you have them. We will be using Dong Ding Traditional A to practice brewing.
  • April 9th (Brewing Parameters : Heat)
  • April 16th (Brewing Parameters : Amount)