We are hosting more live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with all of you!


We've found our tea practice has been extremely grounding and helpful. So we want to share what we're doing, and also just connect with tea drinkers who are stuck at home!

Heading into June

We now have a schedule outlining our plans for the live sessions through June! I will update with a link to add all the teas for the puer sessions to your cart at once. The rest please add what you need. For Lala Shan vs Lo Shan session, it is important you have the NEW Lala Shan because it shows warmth in a very different way.

Also, as for samples of 'not-so-good puer' and 'dirty fermentation' just let us know in the comments of your order that you would like them. In other words, ask and you shall receive (mediocre tea) XD **

Live Session Google Calendar Here


> Current Schedule <

June 2nd (Tues)
Refreshing Stale Tea [prepare : any stale tea, a tealight candle, and a piece of plain paper]

    June 4th (Thurs)

    Feeling Tea Energy (Cha Qi) : Warmth [Lalashan / Loshan]
      June 9th (Tues)
      Evaluate Tea in a Bowl [Traditional A Dong Ding]
        June 11th (Thurs)
        Ripe Puer : Clean & Dirty Fermentation [Da Xue Shan 2006 / Dirty Fermentation Sample**]
          June 16th (Tues)
          Ripe Puer : Tree Material [Da Xue Shan 2006 / Huang Pian]
            June 18th (Thurs)
            Ripe Puer : Aged Ripe Puer [Da Xue Shan 2006 / '90s Xiaguan]
              June 23rd (Tues)
              Raw Puer : Dirty vs Clean Material [Da Xue Shan 2013 / Not-so-good Tea Sample**]
                June 25th (Thurs)
                Raw Puer : 100 Yr Trees vs 300-500 Yr Trees [Da Xue Shan 2013 / Qian Jia Zhai 2013]
                  June 30th (Tues)
                  Comparing Different Clay Teapots 
                    July 7th (Tues) 
                    High Mountain Blind Tasting!!
                      July 14th (Tues)
                      Dong Ding Traditional A vs B
                        July 21st (Tues)
                        Aged Oolong Storage ['66 Beipu and '70s Baozhong]
                          July 28th (Tues)
                          Tasting Banzhang Puer 



                            ↓↓ Library of Sessions Past ↓↓



                            > Fundamental Structures of Tea


                            > Gong Fu Cha Brewing Technique

                            • April 2nd (Brewing Vessels)
                              • Prepare a cup or small bowl, a gaiwan, and a teapot (preferably unglazed clay) if you have them. We will be using Dong Ding Traditional A to practice brewing.
                            • April 9th (Brewing Parameters : Heat)
                            • April 16th (Brewing Parameters : Ratio and Timing)
                            • April 23rd (Brewing Practice : Opening a Tea)
                            • April 30th (Brewing Practice : Sharing Pitcher / Gong Dao Bei)