fifty year aged beipu oolong


We found this tea in a friends warehouse in Taipei. He has been holding on to this tea for many years. Beipu is a rural township in Taiwan's Hsinchu county, nestled up against Miaoli county. Tea was produced for export in these counties in the 20th century, so there are lots of aged oolong teas that hail from Hsinchu and Miaoli.


Notes are clear and well balanced. Dry leaves have a raisin scent, and when wet it turns woody, herbal and medicinal. The broth is rich; it coats the mouth and throat and lingers in the form of a long, colorful aftertaste. After swallowing, the flavorful tea gives way to a comforting salivation effect and a sweet feeling [huigan]. 

We feel this long aged tea is very calming and produces a grounding sensation in the body which you may feel in your belly. Tea energy is vigorous, especially for a 50 year old oolong. Oolong of this age and clarity, drunk as a tonic, feels very healing.


  • Harvest Location : Beipu, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : 1966
  • Aged in Beipu and Taipei
  • Cultivar : ???

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