1990's Loose Chen Nian Puer

Wood, Ginseng, Moss

Because this puer is a blended loose tea, it tastes much older than a '90s tea. There is both sheng and shu material. Absolutely ready to drink, but could also mellow out with aging. A great introduction to what properly aged puer can taste like, and a good crossover for the shu drinker to try material with aged sheng qualities.

To be honest, this puer is mysterious to us. It came to us from a Hong Kong puer and teapot dealer we've been friends with for a long time. We bought it because we like the aged tea feeling it has, and the price is good. 

The rinsed leaves of this Puer have a nice smell of herbs and ginseng. Its broth is deep, smooth and full bodied. The tea energy sinks to the stomach and it feels nice. The tea creates a long lasting but mild salivation effect and its Hou Yun (throat sensation) is clear and obvious. By the third infusion, the broth is becomes thick and viscous. It lasts for many infusions. 

Blended in Hong Kong ~ Harvested in Yunnan ~ 1990s