1998 Metal Cask Aged Dong Ding


This tea was harvested in 1998 and stored in a large iron cask (Tietong) in Charcoal Master Zhan’s shop for years. As time passed by, the cask was barricaded up on a high shelf by tea, roasting equipment and hifi sound-system parts. They simply couldn’t get to it. It wasn’t until the charcoal master started to move things out for the shop to be remodeled in November 2018 that they had the chance to open the cask and try the tea.

Shiuwen always says Dong Ding oolong can be represented by a wise but ill-tempered middle-aged fellow. Compare to bright eyed, opulent Alishan oolong and restrained, coy Bai Hao. This Dong Ding in particular is finicky to brew and challenging, extra grumpy and extra wise. It does not hesitate to hit you over the head if it isn’t feeling at ease. But when it shows up, it is deeply nuanced, rich, energetically powerful and satisfying.


The wet leaves carry the chinese apothecary/dried plum aroma that develops in aged oolong, and the scent of the broth rises effortlessly deep into the sinuses and beyond, with notes of dark stone fruit and an “opening” menthol feeling. The broth itself is rich, viscous and oily. It can show up tart, and it can show up sweet; it just depends on the day. There is a slightly metallic note towards the back of the tongue.

The throat feeling opens up very round and complete, expanding to the back of the neck and extending down the spine. The broth sinks deep, stimulating a path from the throat to the stomach. When the tea opens, the energy will reach immediately all the way to where the feet meet the ground, and travel softly over the skin like gently buzzing electricity.


  • Harvest Location : Dong Ding, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest Year : 1998
  • Cultivar : Ruan Zhi
  • Storage : Large Metal Cask (Tietong)








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