2013 Qian Jia Zhai
2013 Qian Jia Zhai 2013 Qian Jia Zhai


This tea is actually listed as being harvested from 1000 year old wild tea trees. Because it's not common to find trees that old, we doubt that these trees were actually 1000 years old when this tea was harvested. But we don't know. From our experience with puer, we are estimating that the trees are roughly 300 years old. The tea is really clean and is growing wild in a protected natural tea forest on Ailao Shan.


I've been drinking this tea for six years now, and I've always considered it to be a feminine tea. It's soft and gentle. With age the aroma has become more rich, with darker undertones mellowing out the brighter apricot note into that of sweet nectar with complex floral tones and a menthol cooling effect.

The broth is rich and round, but maintains its original gentle character overall. The texture is viscous. Out of our puer lineup, this tea has the most complex development in the mouth with a puffing/spreading feeling that maintains long into the aftertaste. It has a delicious salivation effect after swallowing. The broth is warm and savory as it expands into the throat and down into the body.

The tea melts comfortably and fully into the body, easily reaching the belly and shoulders, arms, and even into the feet and legs. It emanates a comforting warmth. I'm starting to sweat!


  • Sheng Puer (Raw, Green)
  • Harvest Location : Qian Jia Zhai Village, Ailao Shan, Yunnan
  • Harvest Date : April 5th, 2013
  • Storage : Taiwan
  • Farming : Wild Growing Tea Forest
  • Varietal : Wild Ancient Tea Tree

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