A Good Jin Xuan and a Great Jin Xuan Live Tasting, 8/24

!!  Samplers Only Available 7/5-7/8 To Improve Chances of Timely Arrival  !!

    A Good Jin Xuan and a Great Jin Xuan - August 24th, 11:30a PT

    Includes 15 grams each of two different Jin Xuan Oolongs

    • Jin Xuan Oolong (the standard Jin Xuan on our menu)
    • Milk & Honey Oolong


    Live Tasting

    We'll be going live on YouTube to taste these teas, links below.

    >>Link to Dong Ding Session<<

    >>Link to Baozhong Session<<

    >>Link to Jin Xuan Session<<

    Samplers are being sold and shipped so far ahead of time to improve the chances of a timely arrival.

    Although this tasting set will only be available for a limited time, you can bookmark this page to save the link to the live session.