90's Anxi Tie Guanyin


This is both a delicious tea and an historical one. Tie Guanyin in Anxi is no longer oxidized as fully, rolled as thoroughly, or roasted as competently as this tea was. Tea like this is very hard to find at a price point below art collector status. It is labor intensive to produce tea like this, and if you've never tried it you wouldn't know that tea could be like this. This is the kind of tea your Hong Kongnese grandpa would have drank.


This tea was heavily roasted in the 90's when it was harvested, and has been aging since. It has undergone another touch up roast. The tea has developed very nicely, it is clean, and it is extremely rich. The roasty, slightly metallic notes sit on top of a thick, heavy body. The broth is juicy, and it is smooth with a solid aftertaste which lingers down into the throat. The sensation of the tea continues to the belly where it feels warm and satisfying.

Unlike our Charcoal Dong Ding or our Old Growth Tie Guanyin, this tea is not a piece of art for aesthetic contemplation. But it IS damn tasty. It is a well executed tea made by a hard working farmer. And it is satisfying in a way you will not find in modern Tie Guan Yin, especially for this price. We love this tea, and we are proud to share it with you all!


  • Harvest Location : Anxi, Fujian, China
  • Harvest Date : Late 1990's
  • Cultivar : Tie Guan Yin