GABA Hong Shui Blind Tasting Sampler 


16 grams each of four different GABA Hong Shui oolong teas from three different locations, marked as A B C and D

The Teas are :

  • (Nantou) GABA Oolong (Hong Shui)
  • Taman Shan (GABA) Hong Shui
  • Lala Shan (GABA) Hong Shui
  • Lo Shan (GABA) Hong Shui


We are offering this program so you can taste without the names, facts and stories that influence the way we see a tea. I see this as a direct interface between the person and the tea that can circumvent some of the limits of the mind. Also, it's just fun to see what you like and try to guess!


First, taste the teas and just see what you like. This is a great way to get to know your preferences beyond the tea-knowledge. Then if you want you can try to guess which tea is which.

I highly recommend at least one session soaked-in-a-bowl style. Throw three grams of tea into a bowl/mug/cup and pour hot water on top. Do all three teas in as similar a shape/material of container as possible. Then let it sit for a few minutes, and start tasting. Side by side can really help you parse out the differences. As it gets stronger, you can add more water.

Or brew them however you like. Just make sure you try them before the big reveal on social media.

When and Where?

We will taste these teas and reveal their names live on Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday March 10th. 11:30 AM PST. Tune in live to ask questions/make comments. Or watch it later that day.