Brooklyn : A Deeper Look at Roasted Oolong

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We're coming to Brooklyn to share our unique approach to oolong. This class is built around roasted oolong, and learning to identify the depth a roaster can impart on an oolong with charcoal heat. We will stay grounded in the fundamental principles of oolong. However this class will dig deeper into the story that each tea tells, and how the roaster has highlighted different aspects of the tea. We highly recommend this class to tea drinkers with a fair amount of experience.


In this two hour intensive class, we will drink oolongs charcoal roasted by our teachers in Taiwan. Noah will exhibit advanced brewing techniques to help these teas more fully express potential. Shiuwen will guide students to notice how each roaster imparts his personality and style on his teas. We will drink teas grown in Taiwan by meticulous farmers, old growth oolongs re-discovered in Fujian, and cutting edge Taiwan style oolongs grown at high altitudes in Yunnan by Taiwanese artisan farmers.

Every input can be maximized, the synthesis of natural bushes, meticulous processing and inspired charcoal roasting is what gives these teas their spark. Our hope is that if we gently point you where to look you can see for yourself what makes us crazy about these masters' works.

The Teas

We will nail down the tea list when the class is closer. We will be drinking both from our curated menu and bring a limited selection of top shelf oolong that doesn't usually make it out of our shop in Seattle.


Undisclosed address10 minute walk from Prospect Park Subway Station. Will give exact address to confirmed ticket holders in early April.