Brooklyn : Fundamentals of Oolong Tea

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Floating Leaves will be in Brooklyn! We are offering an intensive class focused on the principles of understanding oolong tea. This is our first time on the East Coast teaching tea, and we want to give as much as we can in our short trip. We will brew five of our favorite oolongs to highlight their differences, and explore what factors (terroir, processing, roasting, aging) come together to produce the experience of each tea.


We believe tea is more than just what you taste, and we guide participants to understand the principles of texture, mouthfeel, aftertaste, different kinds of body stimulation and beyond. We've seen so many times, when drinkers begin to build these concepts from the ground up they go deeper into a grounded experience with their tea. And when you're grounded, then you can learn to fly. There is a world of experience available in intentionally grown, processed and sourced oolong tea. 

The Teas

The tea list will solidify closer to the date, but it will include a diverse group of Taiwanese oolongs from our curated menu. We will brew a range from bright aromatic oolongs grown with modern techniques to rich, more physical oolongs done in a very traditional style and everything in between.


Undisclosed address10 minute walk from Prospect Park Subway Station. Will give exact address to confirmed ticket holders in early April.