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This class will be held in St. Louis

We're so excited to host tea classes in St Louis, Missouri with our tea friend Eric. If you are in St Louis are the surrounding area, we would absolutely love to drink tea with you! Please consider signing up. We think tea is so much more meaningful when you can share it, face to face.

We will drink 5 puer teas together. The goal of this class is to explore what plantation puer tastes like, and how old tree puer has a much more grounding effect even if it's young tea. We will start with a plantation puer, move on to around 100 year old tree puer from Mengku, and then taste two older tree puer. We will then taste a 90s puer to see how puer starts to age, and finish with a 1960s puer as a treat.

We will email participants the exact address when they sign up. It will be held in Shaw (neighborhood North of Tower Grove Park, and East of MO Botanical Gardens) at 2:00 PM Central Time.

This class we will be hosting in St Louis, so please only sign up if you plan to be in St Louis at this time.