Puer : Aged Tea and Old Trees

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What We Will Be Drinking

We will drink five puer teas together. We will start with a plantation puer and move on to a puer from Qian Jia Zhai from roughly 300 year old trees. We will also try two "cooked" or shou puer (one old tree one 10 years aged), which is the rich earthy tasting 'fermented' puer that most drinkers may be familiar with. We will then taste a 90s sheng puer to see how puer changes with age.

Why We Will Be Drinking Them

We want to show participants the natural beauty of puer tea : the fermentation, the aging, and most of all the trees themselves. You will experience for yourself why some cakes are made to wash down dim sum and some are coveted like gold. Puer presents participants with a vast realm of possibilities, and we are here to bring you there.