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Dong Ding holds a special place in our hearts. According to our teacher Charcoal Master Zhan, Dong Ding can be Taiwan's best tea if it is treated with care. We have worked with Mr. Su, farmer on Ding Ding Mountain, for ten years, and we will be sharing his tea as well as Mr. Zhan's tea in this class. They both make tradtional style Dong Ding oolong. Mr. Su's ancestors have been making the same tea for generations, and he has continued the tradition for 50 years now. Mr. Zhan is an artist who uses charcoal roasting to elevate oolong tea to a new level.

This session will tell the story of Dong Ding through oolong tea. We will compare a more fragrant, modern style oolong from Dong Ding to Mr. Su's tradtional tea to show what we love about traditional oolong. We will guide you to notice how each tea differently affects your mouth and body, and how the teas react to playful brewing techniques. Then we will move on to charcoal roasted Dong Dings to show the art of Taiwanese tea mastery. We hope you can join us in quaffing these delicious oolongs!


Duration : 2 Hours

Location : Floating Leaves Tea Storefront in Ballard