Eight Roast Dong Ding

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This tea has undergone eight charcoal roasts over the course of two years. From the look of the dry leaves you can tell that this is a different kind of Dong Ding. Go ahead and compare it to our Charcoal Dong Ding, I put up macro photos of both teas so it will be easy to see. These leaf kernels have a ‘rind’ almost like aged cheese. It’s been roasted many many times, more than any other tea we’ve gotten before. But it’s NOT a super heavy, robust, bodacious roasted oolong. The many roastings did something different to it. Instead of becoming fire-y and bold, the roasting brought about an aged, grounded feel to the tea.

There is a real delicate beauty contained in the tea, not on the surface but available just beneath with a little patience. It’s not a floral or fresh delicacy. The leaves are very very dark. But it has a “pretty” quality that I didn’t expect to find in this style of Dong Ding. Like a gruff old man who prefers quiet, and then reveals himself to be a writer of gorgeous poet. The broth has this quality like clean mountain spring water.

To my taste, this feels like old fashioned Dong Ding, meaning it reminds me of some of the aged Dong Ding oolong I’ve had from the golden era of the 70’s and 80s. It’s very special and rare for us to find tea like this.

This is not easy to brew and it’s not a sweet or showy tea. It’s easy for it to become dry and quite bitter. If you’re a long time fan of our Charcoal Dong Ding, though, I highly recommend you get yourself a bag or two.


  • Harvest Location : Dong Ding, Taiwan
  • Final Roast : May 2021
  • Cultivar : Ruan Zhi
  • Farming Method : Unsprayed



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