Floating Leaves Live Tea Sessions Club Materials (Through April)

This sampler includes all the teas we will be drinking on live sessions through the end of April. 

I'm including a full 150g bag of Dong Ding Traditional A, because we revisit that tea so many times and it is worth practicing on your own to explore that tea. If you already have enough Dong Ding Traditional, you may choose the variant from the drop-down menu without that tea.

The Noon Picked Alishan is an advanced tea, and we only have a limited quantity. So we are giving away just enough that you can try it two to three times.

Full Sampler

  • Dong Ding Traditional* (150 gram bag)
  • Hehuan Shan High Mountain Oolong** (1 oz)
  • Taiwan Wuyi (1 oz)
  • Taiwan Da Hong Pao (1 oz)
  • Noon Picked Alishan (16g)


*NOTE : Dong Ding Traditional is an integral tea to this 'curriculum'. It's an excellent teacher because it has everything we're looking for in scent/texture/throat/etc, and it has a bluntness that makes it easier to see. If you want, you can substitute Charcoal Dong Ding.

**NOTE : If you have some other High Mountain Oolong besides Hehuan Shan, that will work, too.