Furry Crab


This is a high mountain oolong grown in Yunnan (Wuliang Shan near Dali) by Taiwanese oolong farmers. The cultivar has the funny name furry crab because of the way the leaves look on the plant, and it is traditionally grown in Anxi to mimic Tie Guanyin. The terroir of Yunnan combined with the skills of Taiwanese oolong makers and long cultivated Fujianese oolong varieties creates a beautiful synergy.


This Furry Crab straddles both the masculine and feminine approach to oolong tea, solid and substantial broth like a Dong Ding and the aroma is gorgeous, sweet and nuanced. The processing is more classically oolong, as opposed to the more 'red' approach of the previous batch. This one was roasted twice, which has concentrated the tea and aligned it to feel rock solid in foundation and elegantly put together.

The aroma of the tea evaporating off the empty cup is very rich and complex with dense sweet notes. Notes are like an array of colored lights. Broth is assertive and grounded, very well integrated from the foundation to the bright notes of peaches and flowers at the top.

When I drink this tea I can imagine its origin as an Anxi cultivar. What I mean is that it has an essence that reminds me of Tie Guanyin, the way that it is both intricate, almost delicate, and simueltaneously solid as steel. Character of an elegant high mountain oolong, sinewy Tie Guanyin and grounded puer come together in one tea.

This is a deep tea that invites many sessions of enjoyment and contemplation.


  • Harvest Location : Wuliang Shan, Yunnan
  • Roasting Date : April, 2021
  • Farming : Unsprayed
  • Cultivar : Furry Crab 

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