Furry Crab


This is a high mountain oolong grown in Yunnan (Wuliang Shan near Dali) by Taiwanese oolong farmers. The cultivar has the funny name furry crab because of the way the leaves look on the plant, and it is traditionally grown in Anxi to mimic Tie Guanyin. The terroir of Yunnan combined with the skills of Taiwanese oolong makers and long cultivated Fujianese oolong varieties creates a beautiful synergy.


Compared to the previous batch of Crab, this one is gentler in body with sweeter and more complex fruit notes in the fragrance. Almost reminds me of very complex, delicate and fruity sake. Floral notes are in there too, very well integrated and not at all perfumey. I've found that in some sessions I don't notice floral at all, and others I pour out the tea into the cups, and floral aroma fills the room.

This tea has a lot of high mountain energy, but please be aware it is not similar in flavor to what you might imagine as high mountain oolong. Leaves are oxidized much darker, and it recieved a light charcoal roast. Fruit notes are in the realm of peach, apricot and guava rather than the citrus of classic Lishan tea. Being grown in Yunnan, it has a very unique character that is reminiscent of puer, but the flavor is completely oolong.

Broth is juicy and very easygoing, sliding quickly into the body with a nearly effervescent texture. Body feeling is gently powerful, not as blunt as something like Dong Ding, but it does have the capacity to become sharp if brewed with too anxious a hand.

This tea strikes an extremely fun balance between thoughtful and flamboyant. Like a peacock that went to college.


  • Harvest Location : Wuliang Shan, Yunnan
  • Roasting Date : December, 2020
  • Farming : Unsprayed
  • Cultivar : Furry Crab 

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