Furry Crab


This is a high mountain oolong grown in Yunnan (Wuliang Shan near Dali) by Taiwanese oolong farmers. The cultivar has the funny name furry crab because of the way the leaves look on the plant, and it is traditionally grown in Anxi to mimic Tie Guanyin. The terroir of Yunnan combined with the skills of Taiwanese oolong makers and long cultivated Fujianese oolong varieties creates a beautiful synergy.


If you’ve tried this tea already, you know how good it is. We don’t have a lot left, and I don’t really know how to describe it. We’ve been drinking it for a few months now and every time I sit down to write the description my mind goes blank. The tea has a few different faces, it can show up in significantly different ways both in flavor and feeling.

Overall, the flavor profile is big, sweet and fruity. There’s a gorgeous fragrance in there if you can coax it out. It’s also been charcoal roasted and fairly oxidized, so don’t expect it will taste like classic Alishan from Taiwan. We love this tea, and have learned a lot from it. We are grateful for the opportunity, not only to drink it, but to share it on our website.



  • Harvest Location : Wuliang Shan, Yunnan
  • Roasting Date : December, 2019
  • Farming : Unsprayed
  • Cultivar : Furry Crab 

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