This Winter Oolong season we are expanding our line-up of High Mountain oolongs to include some special reserve teas. We decided to offer this sampler to let you decide what direction you want to go.

    We will also be labeling all of these teas "blind"

    The samples will come to you labeled 'A B C D E', so that we can all taste them without our judgement affected by names or prices. I will update THIS PAGE, as well as our social media accounts, with the names of the samples on January 14th.

    Why are we waiting until then to reveal the names? Because we will be drinking these teas on a live broadcast session on Facebook and Instagram (January 14th 11:30a PST).

    Announcement! The teas are :

    • A ~ Alishan (Spring)
    • B ~ Hehuan Shan (Winter)
    • C ~ Alishan Special Reserve (Winter)
    • D ~ Lishan Special Reserve (Winter)
    • E ~ Huan Shan Bug Bitten Special Reserve (Spring)

    Join us for the Live Tasting (video broadcast) Online!

    This sampler is limited supply. Please limit yourself to one per person.