Huan Shan Bug-Bitten High Mountain Oolong
Huan Shan Bug-Bitten High Mountain Oolong Huan Shan Bug-Bitten High Mountain Oolong



Huan Shan is a small, relatively unknown mountain region that generally falls under the Lishan banner, seeing as it is very close to the geological mountain, Lishan. Huan Shan is inhabited by the indigenous Atayal people of Taiwan. Geologically it is actually more of a ring shaped basin than a mountain or peak. Huan 环 means 'ring' in Chinese.

This high mountain oolong is unique among our high mountain offerings in that it is bug-bitten, giving it a much different flavor and feeling. It is attacked by the same tea jassids that give Oriental Beauty and Gui Fei Oolong their signature honey sweetness.



If you heard our podcast episode about this tea, you will already know that we are crazy about it. The flavor is incredibly unique, and the feeling of the tea is fantastic. Being bug-bitten 著蜒 it has a strong honey aroma. This sweetness is sometimes stronger, sometimes less pronounced. It might also show up more as a caramel type of sweetness. The sweet taste melds with a savory-salty feeling in the broth. The aroma is a mix of fruity, floral and honey with some really interesting almost diesel-like notes. 

The scent feels fat and juicy, filling the sinus with an expanding sensation. In the body, the tea expands with a similar feeling. The tea was very lightly charcoal roasted, so lightly that the flavor of charcoal is almost undetectable. But the fire was able to re-arrange this tea so that it comes beautifully to a clear point of focus.

This is a subtle tea and a fireworks tea all at once. It is a 'meditation grade' tea : the texture and energy are superb. There's not much, and I don't really care if we sell it because I want it all for myself ;) Mwahahahaha!


  • Harvest Location : Huan Shan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : April, 2020
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Altitude : ~2000 Meters