Instagram Live Session : Baozhong Tasting Set

Purchase, and you will receive a tasting set of baozhong teas we will explore during the session

Join us in drinking these wonderful baozhong oolongs! This tasting set is meant to help you understand what we talk about during our live session. Tea to us is all about experience, and we believe only after you've experienced a tea yourself will knowledge become useful. The set will come with a half ounce of each tea. There is a limited supply:

  • Baozhong Farmer's Choice
  • Competition Style Baozhong
  • #1 Competition Winning Baozhong
  • #2 Competition Winning Baozhong
  • Nangang Baozhong (#2 Competition Winner)


Plan for each session

Feb. 13  In the first IG live session Shiuwen will start with the history of Baozhong oolong, and guide tasters to know what they can expect from a well made baozhong. 

Feb. 27  In the second session, we will use baozhong as a vehicle to discuss tea competitions and how professionals go about judging and ranking teas. It's mind-blowing to us how quick and exact the master judges are. They drink hundreds of teas for one competition!



    You can purchase the tea competition sets that judges use to brew teas here, so you can practice evaluating teas at home!