Taiwan's Five Famous Oolongs

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In-Store Tasting Event

We offer this class because we love tea and we want to share the beauty of Taiwanese oolong with as many tea lovers as possible. The goal of this session is to drink five different oolong teas that have been made famous by the skillful tea farmers of Taiwan, and share stories from our tea journey. We will drink Wenshan Baozhong, Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Oriental Beauty (Baihao Oolong), Muzha Tieguanyin, and Traditional Style Dong Ding.

We approach teaching oolong tea by relying on our bodies to interpret the beauty of each tea. And as we guide you to watch for sensations that point to high quality tea, we will discuss the processing techniques and terrior that lead to a high quality product. We hope that by the end you will be a more savvy taster and tea buyer. When you know how to see quality in tea, it helps us all to have more high quality teas in the Western world.


Duration : 2 Hours

Location : Floating Leaves Tea in Ballard