"Kissed by Charcoal" Dong Ding


This is a Dong Ding oolong, but not as heavily oxidized or roasted as our usual Charcoal Dong Ding. It has more notes that you might notice in a baozhong or high mountain oolong; bright fruity and floral in the scent. But the broth has the 'bigness' of Dong Ding. Roast master Zhan calls this tea 'Spring's Aroma' (香) Dong Ding.

I had the intention of finding a light, fragrant oolong processed according to the traditional oolong method on our last trip to Taiwan.

We brought back a Winter Sprout oolong and an lightly roasted Alishan. The Alishan is great, but the roast is still coming in and out, some days overpowering the natural fragrance of the tea. And the Winter Sprout had it's own unique qualities that weren't exactly what I was looking for, although I love the tea.

When we got back from Taiwan and finally received the tea from Mr Zhan, we found this Dong Ding in the bottom of the box that had barely been kissed by charcoal fire. It was exactly what I was looking for! And I actually don't remember ordering it!! It's a real treat, though. I hope more people get to try it.


Broth is beautifully soft in the mouth. The fragrance is on the young fruity and floral side of the spectrum with barely a hint that the tea was roasted. The personality of the tea is relaxed and gentle. It carries the 'bigness' of Dong Ding in it's ability to permeate the body and expand, although it does this in a gentle manner.

This tea is extremely limited supply, so I'm only offering it in one size, two ounces. This will give you enough experience with the tea that it hopefully shows up for you, but small enough that more people can try. Please limit yourself to one per person.


Harvest Location : Dong Ding, Nantou, Taiwan

Roast Date : August, 2019

Cultivar : Soft Stem (Ruan Zhi) Oolong