Las Vegas Tea Class
  • Location - Hilton Grand Vacations, Las Vegas
  • Date - Sunday Feb 16th
  • Time - 11 AM (2 Hr Class)

In this class we use Taiwan’s major oolong teas to build a foundation for more mindful tasting. We will drink five to six different oolongs and use their contrasting points as a way to start exploring sensation, aftertaste and feeling of a tea. 

Oolong tea is by definition partially oxidized tea. It has the most variety in both flavor and texture than any other type of tea. We will give a bit of history and explain how the difference in processing brings out a tea’s unique character.

Our focus is not to tell you what a particular tea tastes like -- hopefully you will know what it tastes like as soon as you taste it! -- Our goal is to give you tools to appreciate the skill of the farmers and the lifeforce of the plants that create the tea we love!