Laughing Buddha


This is a Yunnan grown oolong tea. It is made by a Taiwanese farmer who cultivates a high elevation tea garden in Wuliang Shan. It has the sweet, aromatic intensity of high mountain Taiwanese tea, along with the sturdy, rooted energy of puer.

The processing is on the red side for an oolong, which brings out glorious fruit and deep floral notes. Not exactly 'Hong Shui', but not far off. Then it was finished with a charcoal roast to realign and focus the tea. It is clean, playful, and majestic.

"When I first tasted this tea, it was in Taiwan after the island had been in lockdown for about a six weeks. I went to visit our teacher in Taipei to say goodbye before getting on the plane, and pick up some Charcoal Dong Ding. Having been locked down so close to all of our suppliers, tea friends and teachers had been pretty rough, and I was telling teacher about how I was feeling.
Teacher invited me to sit down and drink this particular tea. Just from the scent, I had this big grin on my face. I couldn't stop smiling! After the tea session teacher smiled back at me, handing me a generous sample with these instructions: 'Noah, when you get back to your apartment, drink this tea. After dinner, drink this tea again. And when you wake up, before getting on the plane in the morning, drink it one more time.' Great idea! It brought me so much joy!! This tea has a big, jubilant, happy feeling that just makes me smile."


This aroma truly is intoxicating! The complex notes of tropical fruit, sweet flowers, sandalwood and fresh resinous cannabis interweave throughout a tea session. Even right out of the bag, the dry leaves have a gorgeous sweet scent, I imagine blood orange sherbet. This tea has the kind of fragrance you just want to keep around all the time.

Broth is big and juicy. So juicy! With a 'chewy' texture to the broth that I've only tasted in old school puer; puer that was more oxidized. It's a very masculine kind of feeling, muscular and strong.

The tea immediately brings out salivation as it hits the mouth, providing a thirst quenching effect that is both refreshing and satisfying. And this continues into the body. It feels pure, clean, comfortable and rejuvenating.

Shiuwen loves this tea so much, she said to tell you all 'buy some before I decide to keep it all!'


  • Cultivar : Qing Xin Oolong
  • Location : Wuliang Shan, Yunnan
  • Harvest Date : Spring 2020
  • Roast Date : June 2021