Live Broadcast Tea Session : Charcoal Master Zhan's Oolong

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We are back from an incredible filming trip in Taiwan. We spent a week with Zhan and learned so much from him. He's a deeply wise human and his teas reflect his philosophy on life and nature. If you would like to drink the teas along with us (which we highly recommend to get the most out of the session), please follow the above link to purchase the sampler.

Session #1 Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong

With this live session we will do our best to show the beauty of what Mr Zhan is doing with tea. For the first session on December 11th we will compare his heavy roasted organic Alishan to a conventional Alishan high mountain oolong. When he chooses to heavily roast a tea like this, it's because the tea base naturally has potential. He offered us this Alishan when we found out his Four Roast Charcoal Dong Ding was not available. Shiuwen will brew both Zhan's Alishan and a conventional one and compare to show a lesser known face of high mountain oolong.

Session #2 Yunnan Oolong

On December 18th we will focus on Mr Zhan's charcoal roasted oolong from Yunnan. His teas grown in Wuliangshan, Yunnan are all very potent and unique. Taiwanese farmers are now growing oolong tea in Yunnan, and the best of these teas shows a fascinating mix of Yunnanese power with the finely detailed work of Taiwanese oolong. So far, every one of his Yunnan oolongs we've tried, we notice a distinct cannabis scent. And when the energy profile blooms, it's a masterpiece. For this session, we want to share our favorite. It is a Tie Guan Yin.

The Schedule

The live broadcasts will be held on December 11th and 18th on Instagram and Facebook at 11:30 AM PST. We love to offer these sessions, because it gives online customers an opportunity to connect with us over a pot of tea. We want to share with you all what we love about these teas, and how we see them. And we promise you will learn something.

Please note : If you are not interested in our live tea session broadcast on IG and FB, please see this sampler here. The Zhan's Oolong sampler offers a larger selection of his teas, and does not include any conventional teas for comparison.