Live Broadcast : Two Charcoal Dong Ding Oolongs


This session, we will drink two batches of Charcoal Dong Ding, the current available batch (roasted in December) and the previous batch. If you already have the teas, please join us and drink along! Or if you have two other batches roasted at different times, you can use those to compare.

Our learning goal for this session is to show how charcoal roasted teas open up over time. We want to give you a feeling for what a tea with potential feels like compared to a tea where the potential is more fully expressed. This will hopefully help you choose better tea and predict how tea will change. And on top of that, Shiuwen is great at telling stories and laughing. It's gonna be lots of fun!

As with all live sessions, we suggest drinking the tea along with the session so we can learn more deeply together. And get interactive! We're looking closely at the comments on both media (FB and IG) because we love to hear what you think!

We are going live on Tuesday May 21st at 11:30 AM PST on Facebook and Instagram